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Alisa gallery post
Robotic Smile
Full Name

Alisa Bosconovitch

Nationality Russian
Gender Female
Race Android
Relationships Doctor Bosconovitch (creator), Xiaoyu (Friend)
Fighting Style Original style (Humanoid-Cyborg Combat)
Occupation Jin Kazama's protector
Debut Tekken 6
Vitality 950
Tag Partner Lars
"I am a human girl"

Alisa Bosconovitch is a character from Namco's Tekken series who appears as a DLC character in Street Fighter X Tekken.


A robot modeled after a young girl, developed by Dr. Bosconovitch in his research facility. Lars discovered her by chance, and since then she has supported him in his endeavors. She has a polite and honest personality, although she can be somewhat childish at times.


Despite being a robot, Alisa has emotions and acts more like that of a human. She is very kind, respectful and sensitive about the feelings of others. She is also very formidable as a fighter, and is very smart. When people call her a robot, she will reject that statement and insists that she is human.



Move Name Input
Double Rocket Punch Qcb+ Punch
Happy Propeller S + Punch
Cradle Star S + Kick
Double Cut Qcb + Kick
Boot Hcf + Kick
Dual Boot Hcf + Punch
Destructive Form Down + Punch x3
Clock Setting (only during Destructive Form) Qcb + Punch
Trigger Shuffle Qcb + Kick x3


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