• Acenitro

    Mario and Sonic.

    September 5, 2012 by Acenitro

    Street Fighter X Tekken - Mario/Sonic

    Mario & Sonic : Team Red and Blue

    Street Fighter X Tekken: Team Nintendo 3DS Exclusives

    Team Story:------------------------------

    "The entire planet was curious as to what would be the provenance such a Pandora's Box that fell in the Antarctica, all kinds of press has presented the news of the phenomenon, even on a parallel reality, to be more exact, in a place called Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, the hero known from this land, saw this news on TV.Few hours later,Toadworth contact Mario that Princess Peach disappeared mysteryiously.Mario thought Pandora might be responsible for it and started his journey to south-pole.On his way,he meet his old rival Sonic the Hedgehog.He told Mario that his girlfriend Amy also…

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  • Acenitro

    Dan and Ingrid DLC.

    August 2, 2012 by Acenitro

    Street Fighter X Tekken - Dan/Ingrid by ~Acenitro

    Ingrid & Dan Hibiki: Team Pandora

    Street Fighter X Tekken: Team DLC Designs

    Team Story:

    Dan was accordingly killed in a fight by Kazuya, who was going to try and challenge Ryu. Dan was, however, not killed, but his soul was saved by Ingrid, a girl who claims to be closely associated with the creation of Pandora. Dan awakens to find himself on a train, the same young girl who appeared in what believed was "just a dream" sitting next to him.She told him that she accidently sent Pandora to earth need his help to get it back.Dan agreed to help her and they started their journey to South Pole.

    Dan Hibiki Moveset:

    Special Moves:

    Gadoken (Qcf + Punch)

    Koryuken (Dp + Punch)

    Danku Kyaku (Qcb + Kick)

    Super Art…

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  • BTHR Zero X

    Short and Sweet

    April 18, 2012 by BTHR Zero X

    My name is Zero, I am also a Moderator/Admin on Capcom-Unity.

    And I Enjoy to Vs. Series even though I suck at them xD

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  • Awesomeness115

    Hi Everyone I have a question, Who is Your Favorite Character to play as in Street Fighter X Tekken? Mine is Kazuya.

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  • TheGamerDudeGuy

    Tell me about the roster and your opinions on who was chosen.

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  • Kane Joel


    February 16, 2012 by Kane Joel


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  • TheGamerDudeGuy

    C'mon! Tell me what you guys think about his inclusion in the game? Do you like or hate his inclusion?

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  • TheGamerDudeGuy

    "Everything dies, even you."

    -Mima's Intro Quote

    Forgotten Spirit!

    Bio: A spirit that was long ago feared in another world, Mima is a very egocentric ghost that hates humanity. However, she has been known to "help" humans in the past. Recently, she has heard of a powerful object that landed in the Antarctica that causes humans to go beserk. Interested, she decided to find this "Pandora" and use it for her own nefarious plans.

    Intro: Darkness appears in the air, before combining and forming Mima.

    Special Moves:

    QCF+Punch Button: Magi-Hadoken: She throw out a magic-charged Hadoken. /A little stronger than a normal Hadoken, LP is fastest, MP is slower, and LP is slowest, but does more damage. /EX: fast as LP, but strong as HP and it causes a wall-b…

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  • Casvic

    Final Character predictions

    January 30, 2012 by Casvic

    I'm going to try to predict the last characters that will be in Street Fighter X Tekken. I believe there are 6 open spots left on each side. With that in mind, here are the 12 characters I think might make the cut.

    1. M. Bison
    2. Gen
    3. Elena or R. Mika
    4. Rose
    5. Sakura
    6. Akuma

    1. Jin
    2. Bryan
    3. Eddy or Christie
    4. Orge
    5. Alisa
    6. Lars
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