Bryan gallery post
Wicked Replicant
Full Name Bryan Fury
Nationality American
Gender Male
Race Human/Cyborg
Relationships Yoshimitsu (rival)
Fighting Style Kick Boxing
Occupation Police Officer (former)
Debut Tekken 3
Vitality 1050
Tag Partner Jack-X
"Are you ready to die painfully?"

Bryan is a character from Namco's Tekken series who appears as a DLC character in Street Fighter X Tekken.


He lost his life during a shootout in Hong Kong, but was brought back to life as a "replicant". Afterwards, he gave into his destructive tendencies and now only lives to cause mayhem.



  • In Bryan and JACK-X's rival dialogue, JACK-X scans Guy and Cody and states that their power level is over nine thousand, a reference to a popular Internet meme, originating from the Dragonball Z franchise.
  • He is the Tekken character equivalent to Juri. Both share an almost identical personality, which makes them get along and recognize it in their respective sentences of victory towards the other.

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