Unrelenting Soldier
Full Name Cammy White
Birthdate January 6
Nationality British
Gender Female
Race Human
Relationships Chun-Li (friend/teammate)
M. Bison (enemy)
Keith Wolfman (captain)
Fighting Style Delta Red Auto Defense Training/Shadaloo Assassination Techniques
Occupation S.I.S. Special Forces
Debut Super Street Fighter II
Vitality 900
Tag Partner Chun-Li
"Standby all clear!"

Cammy White is a fighting game character from Capcom's Street Fighter series. She is the second female character in the series, following Chun-Li and she is considered one of the femme fatales, her popularity quickly making her one of the most famous characters, because of her attractive and slender figure along with her strong personality and fighting skills.

Cammy first appeared in Super Street Fighter II as one of the four "New Challengers".


A young woman who belongs to the Delta Red team in the Secret Intelligence Services' Special Forces Unit. She was formerly one of M. Bison's brainwashed soldiers, but has since reverted to her former self and now works closely with her comrades.


Cammy is petite with blue eyes and unusually long blonde pigtails with a scar on her left cheek. In Super Street Fighter II, Cammy wore a green thong leotard with a full back and a Delta Red triangle insignia on either the right or left breast, a red beret, black combat boots, and red gauntlets. Her legs were sparsely decorated with green camouflage paint. This classic incarnation is known as "Delta Red Cammy".


Cammy is a very serious woman who can be a bit of a tomboy. She puts her work first and is dedicated to hunting down Shadaloo.


Street Fighter Alpha seriesEdit

Cammy's early history is unknown; her first appearance in the Street Fighter chronology was Street Fighter Alpha 3. Cammy was a soulless Doll sent to assassinate Dhalsim. Dhalsim used his spiritual powers to make her self-aware, and she realized that Shadaloo was controlling her. M. Bison sent Vega to observe her. When Vega confronted her, he revealed to her that she was an "experiment" and was no longer needed. Vega started having doubts about killing Cammy and after a fight where he admitted having underestimated Cammy he allowed her to go. Cammy wondered why Shadaloo wanted to destroy her, since she had never committed any altercations against them. She later encountered Juli and Juni, two other Shadaloo Dolls, who lacked the benefit of self-awareness.

When Cammy confronted Bison, he told her that he kidnap her and killed her parents Cammy fought against his psychic probing and rescued the Dolls from Bison's control with the Psycho Drive. Cammy got the Dolls out of the Shadaloo base and then fell unconscious, no longer a brainwashed doll, but an independent human. Vega rescued her before the base was destroyed, not wanting to allow a beautiful human to die. He deposited her on the doorstep of the British paramilitary government organization Delta Red.

Super Street Fighter IIEdit

Cammy awoke with amnesia, and Delta Red took her in. While she could not remember her past, she retained nearly all the fighting capabilities that were implanted in her during her tenure with Shadaloo. This made her a very valuable asset to the team. The second World Warrior tournament was announced and, discovering that Bison was part of it, Cammy felt a strange connection to him, and entered the tournament. She confronted Bison that she was agent and killed for him

Street Fighter IV: The Ties that BindEdit

After the fall of Bison and Shadaloo, Cammy enjoyed relative peace. Eventually, however, while investigating strange energy readings coming from the Amazon River basin, she discovered dead animals everywhere and the shallow graves of various martial artists who have recently disappeared from around the world. Forensic analysis determined that the cells inside the animals were heated to boiling point, whereupon they exploded. She called Guile to share the information, as he and Chun-Li began investigating the disappearances. Together, the three found and exposed a lab that had been experimenting on further kidnapped martial artists. From data obtained therein, they discovered that the experiments were at the behest of an arms manufacturer called S.I.N. and that the unusual energy readings and boiled cells were part of a project called BLECE, which could harness ki energy and weaponize it. They also discovered that Ryu - whose ki potential is incomparable - was the prime target for the project.

When they finally located Ryu, Cammy rushed to warn him of the danger but failed to reach him before Crimson Viper, who at the time was believed to be an S.I.N. agent. Cammy arrived soon afterwards and warned Ryu not to use his power as it would enable S.I.N. to capture its data, and confronted Viper instead. However Viper surprised her with the abilities of her Battle Suit and began to brutally torture her in an attempt to force Ryu to unleash the Satsui No Hado. She succeeded, but the power surge destroys the monitoring equipment and she was forced to flee. She was evacuated for treatment and later appeared alongside Guile and the US Coast Guard as they surrounded Seth's cruise ship, only for Seth to escape via a Shadaloo helicopter.

Super Street Fighter IVEdit

Cammy, Guile and Chun-Li continue to investigate S.I.N. when they run afoul of Juri, one of S.I.N.'s operatives. Juri hospitalizes Chun-Li but runs when Guile and Cammy arrive. Soon after, the three start to receive anonymous tips (unbeknownst to them, the tips are from Viper) which gives them info about Juri. They use the info they obtain to catch up to Juri as she assaults a secret facility which houses the twelve Dolls for Shadaloo. By the time Guile and Cammy arrive, Juri has already defeated all twelve Dolls and is carrying the final two, Juni and Juli, unconscious, to her jet. A fight ensues and Guile is incapacitated, and as Cammy rushes to his aid, Juri escapes with the Dolls to her jet. Cammy catches up just as it takes off, and after a brief skirmish, Juri pushes a gurney carrying Juni into Cammy and off the plane. However, the two fall into a deep snow drift and survive.

Juni falls into a coma, and Colonel Wolfman informs her that S.I.N. has recently built a dam in India, cutting off the water supply to a nearby village (where Dhalsim lives). Surveillance photos reveal S.I.N. operatives in the area bearing Shadaloo's insignia. Dispatched to investigate, Cammy enters the recently-announced S.I.N tournament, where she encounters Juri again and attempts to get revenge for the dolls who she considers her "sisters". Although she fought well she was unable to capture her. Later during the tournament she infiltrates the S.I.N dam base. When she does, she discovers computer files on a "BLECE Project" in the process.  While reading the files, Crimson Viper surprises her and holds her at gunpoint, wanting the BLECE files for herself. Not wanting the data to be used to hurt anyone Cammy deletes the files instead, and Viper puts away her weapon and escapes, lamenting years of investigation wasted.  When Cammy informs Colonel Wolfman of her failure to retrieve the files, Wolfman informs her that he's already aware, and congratulates her on a job well done. Cammy returns home and soon Juni wakes from her coma with some amnesia.


"Mission complete!"

Cammy plays similar to her Stree Fighter IV incarnation. She still possess the same fundamental strengths and weaknesses so she makes a pretty well rounded character in this game.


Move Name Input
German Suplex Right or N + L punch + L kick
Frankensteiner Left + L punch + L kick
Flying Neck Breaker Air L punch + L kick
Spiral Arrow Qcf + Kick EX SC
Cannon Spike S + Kick EX
Cannon Strike AirQcf + Kick EX
Quick Spin Knuckle Hcb + Punch EX
Hooligan Combination DHCF + Punch EX
> Razor's Edge Slicer No input during Hooligan Combination
> Fatal Leg Twister/Crossed Scissors L punch + L kick during Hooligan Combination
Spin Drive Smasher Qcf + Kick x3
Cross Art Qcf + M punch + M kick
Cammy's Super Art and Cross Assault in Street Fighter X Tekken00:32

Cammy's Super Art and Cross Assault in Street Fighter X Tekken



  • Her Cross Art is a reference to the non-canon Street Fighter II animated movie, as she does the same neck break she used to assassinate a government official.

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