Sfxt Julia
Nature-Loving Beauty
Full Name Julia Chang
Nationality American
Gender Female
Race Human
Relationships Michelle Chang (foster mother)
Fighting Style Xinyiliuhequan based Kung Fu (various Kempo and Wushu arts), Lucha Libre (Tekken Tag Tournament 2 only) 
Occupation G-Corporation Archeology Research
Debut Tekken 3
Vitality 1,000
Tag Partner Bob
"No way out of this."

Julia Chang is a character in the Tekken series who debuted in Tekken 3. Since then, Julia has appeared in all subsequent games up to Tekken Tag Tournament 2, in which she appears as her alter-ego Jaycee. Julia has since replicated the style of her foster mother Michelle (part of the cast of Tekken 1) and stood in her in the Tekken series.


As a young child, Julia discovered the ruins of an ancient civilization. Now, this nature-loving woman fights for what she believes in. A beautiful, intelligent woman, Julia always approaches every situation with careful judgment.



Julia is a strong, respectful, and noble fighter, she is very smart and seeks to use her skills to help those in need. However, Julia's behavior in this game is often very critical or hostile to most of the other characters. Julia will criticize most characters due to their lack of speed, strength or even stamina in her win quotes.



Julia studies archeology in Michelle Chang's tribal lands. As a baby, Julia was deserted in the ruins of ancient Native American settlements, where Michelle found her. Michelle rescued Julia and brought her up with love. Julia loved Michelle and her adopted tribe and trained with Michelle to protect her beloved homeland.

Tekken 3Edit

When Julia was 18, stories of sudden disappearances of famous martial artists all over the world began to reach the tribe.

With apprehension spreading through the tribe, Michelle left for Japan to ask Heihachi Mishima why he had sought to take the pendant during the second tournament. Michelle hoped to learn about the origin of the Ogre's power but she never returned. Julia suspected Heihachi and now seeks him out to discover the truth.

Tekken 4Edit

During her time in college, Julia discovered that her native homeland was in danger of being covered by an encroaching desert brought on by today's rapidly changing global ecosystem. Wanting to save her home, she began her research on ecosystem restoration. Julia joined an advanced genetic research group led by Professor T that studied the biological mechanism of reforestation, that was funded and supplied almost exclusively from G Corporation.

Julia learned from Professor T that their research was on hold indefinitely. The Mishima Zaibatsu attacked G Corporation's high security research center and stole all research data from her project. Julia didn't know a thing about G Corporation's secret research projects nor did she care, she only knew that she had to retrieve her research data from the Mishima Zaibatsu in order to save her home. Julia searched the net to gather information regarding the Mishima Zaibatsu when she saw a web page announcing The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, which she enters.

When she found the missing data, she also found research data about the Devil-Human Integration program and GENOCELL. Professor T asked Julia to join their search, but Julie refused and deleted all the research data, sacrificing her dream of reforestation to protect the planet.

Tekken 5Edit

Disappointed that she was unable to recover the reforestation data during the last tournament, Julia returns home and resumes her research. But no matter how hard she tried to continue her work, she still needed her old data. She received a mysterious letter with an invitation to The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Julie joined the tournament with her dreams on the line. Julia managed to retrieved the "Forest Rejuvenation Data" after Jinpachi was defeated, and built a lab in Arizona so she could devote herself to her research. Her dream was finally within sight.

Tekken 6Edit

After recovering her stolen data, Julia completed her reforestation research. She was headed back to Arizona to meet with a party who had agreed to assist in the realization of her reforestation plans. Waiting for her there was a prominent Arizona land owner, an old woman who claimed to have the ability to hear the voice of spirits. With her help, the reforestation plans were on track to be realized, but when Julia got up to leave, the old woman made an ominous prediction. "Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima must not be allowed to clash. If they confront each other, a source of great evil will be resurrected and unleashed on the Earth". Julia was skeptical of the old lady's prediction, but after hearing news of the Mishima Zaibatsu sponsoring The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, the danger seemed real. Julia decided that she would join the tournament.



Move Name Input
Swift Step Hcf+L punch
Lashing Arrow Hcf+M punch
Swift Step Explosion Hcf+H punch
Wind Roll Hcf+Kick (varied follow-ups)
Rising Kick S+Kick
Tiger Strike Qcb+Punch
Iron Mountain Rush Qcb+Punch x3
Julia's Super Art and Cross Assault in Street Fighter X Tekken00:32

Julia's Super Art and Cross Assault in Street Fighter X Tekken


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