SFxT Kuro
Two Dimensional Justice
Full Name Kuro
Birthdate unknown
Nationality Japanese
Gender Male
Race Cat
Relationships Toro (neighbor)
Fighting Style Advanced Mishima-Style
Occupation unknown
Debut Mainichi Issho
Vitality 750
Tag Partner Toro
"Don't understimate me"

Kuro is a fictional character created by Sony Computer Entertainment. He is a black cat (kuro means "black" in Japanese) wearing jean pants, and is Toro's best friend, rival and neighbor.

At the Tokyo Game Show in September 2011, Kuro was announced as an exclusive fighter for the PS3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken fighting game by Capcom as product placement; Kuro will mimic Kazuya's fighting style.


A cat that has been around the block a couple of times. Kuro possesses knowledge on a wide variety of miscellaneous topics, and loves games, the occasional adult beverage and the company of beautiful women. While staying up late at night playing games, Kuro unexpectedly awakened the Devil Gene within him naturally. Kuro dreams of a future where he can live freely and do whatever he wants at any time.



Move Name Input
Demon God Fist Qcf+Punch
Mist Step Right, DownDR (varied follow-ups)
> Dragon Uppercut Punch after Mist Step
> Spinning Demon Kick, then Kick after Mist Step
> Spinning Demon Uppercut Kick, then Punch after Mist Step
Rising Sun Qcb+Kick
Slaughter Hook Qcb+L punch
Slaughter High Kick Qcb+M punch
Devastator Qcb+H punch
Devil Beam Qcf+Punch x3

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  • Street Fighter X Tekken marks Kuro's first appearance outside Japan, as well as the first crossover fighting game that Kuro debuted in.
  • Kuro, Toro and Cole are the only characters that have no story, as they are unplayable in Arcade Mode.
  • Kuro's win quote against Vega is: "You're not so tough without your wire fence to climb around on now, are you!". Wich references that, in Street Fighter UDON comics, when Vega was present on a fight, a wire fence would appear in the background, and Vega could climb it, and the opponent can't attack Vega while he is climbing.