SFxT Toro
The cat who wants to be human
Full Name Toro Inoue
Birthdate May 6
Nationality Japanese
Gender Male
Race Cat
Relationships Kuro (neighbor)
Fighting Style Ansatsuken Karate
Occupation unknown
Debut Doko Demo Issyo
Tag Partner Kuro
Vitality 600
"Here we go!"

Toro, also known as the Sony Cat, is a fictional character created by Sony Computer Entertainment. At the Tokyo Game Show in September 2011, Toro was announced as an exclusive fighter for the PS3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken fighting game by Capcom as product placement; Toro will mimic Ryu's fighting style.

Character DesignEdit

The character, an anthropomorphized Super Deformed design style white cat, is characterized by its big, trapezoid-shaped face, a rectangular-shaped body, and its vast variety of face expressions.


Toro, a cat who wishes to be human, is Sony's mascot in Japan.


Lonely but pampered. A cat that is very pure-hearted and simple-minded. Toro awakened the power of the Hadou while attempting to remember as many words as possible in a quest to become human. Toro loves tuna, wrapped fermented beans, shrimp, and is an accomplished sewist.



Move Name Input
Collarbone Breaker Right + M punch
Solar Plexus Strike Right + H punch
Hadoken Qcf + Punch EX SC
Shoryuken S + Punch EX
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Qcb + Kick EX
Airbone Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Rs + Kick EX
Joudan Sokutou Geri Hcf + Kick EX
Shinku Hadoken Qcf + Punch x3

Gallery Edit


  • Street Fighter X Tekken marks Toro's first appearance outside Japan, as well as the first crossover fighting game that Toro debuted in.
  • Toro also appears in another crossover game called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale alongside Kuro.
  • Toro, Kuro and Cole are the only characters that have no story, as they are unplayable in Arcade Mode.

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