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  • I live in dependa
  • I was born on June 23
  • My occupation is Depends
  • I am Male
  • TheGamerDudeGuy

    Tell me about the roster and your opinions on who was chosen.

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  • TheGamerDudeGuy

    C'mon! Tell me what you guys think about his inclusion in the game? Do you like or hate his inclusion?

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  • TheGamerDudeGuy

    "Everything dies, even you."

    -Mima's Intro Quote

    Forgotten Spirit!

    Bio: A spirit that was long ago feared in another world, Mima is a very egocentric ghost that hates humanity. However, she has been known to "help" humans in the past. Recently, she has heard of a powerful object that landed in the Antarctica that causes humans to go beserk. Interested, she decided to find this "Pandora" and use it for her own nefarious plans.

    Intro: Darkness appears in the air, before combining and forming Mima.

    Special Moves:

    QCF+Punch Button: Magi-Hadoken: She throw out a magic-charged Hadoken. /A little stronger than a normal Hadoken, LP is fastest, MP is slower, and LP is slowest, but does more damage. /EX: fast as LP, but strong as HP and it causes a wall-b…

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